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Zhang Xinfa is a registered trademark held by Hunan Huangye Food Co., Ltd. The company exclusively owns the brand equity of the production, operation and sales of Zhang Xinfa series products. According to the company's positioning of Zhang Xinfa's brand, it develops and establishes Zhang Xinfa chain stores nationwide.
Zhang Xinfa stores mainly sell Zhang Xinfa's betel nut seeds. Currently, there are various varieties such as medium seed, upper seed, grain seed, research brain shell, supreme brain shell, cinnamon seed oil tender, tender baby king, xylitol betel nut, etc., and will be based on market demand. Continuously develop new products.
"48 hours of fresh guarantee", Zhang Xinfa store betel nut, while promoting the spirit of the betel nut craftsmanship, emphasizes the fresh supply, emphasizing the original flavor of betel nut. At the same time, Zhang Xinfa's unified antique decoration and good service attitude have also been praised by consumers.
By the end of 2015, the company had opened more than 300 Zhangxinfa stores across the country.