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The essence of the brand's heritage is passed down. The Hunan old-fashioned symposium ended successfully.

The essence of the brand's heritage is passed down. The Hunan old-fashioned symposium ended successfully.

Arc de Triomphe Photography, Xinhua Building, Jiuzhitang Pharmacy... How old do you know these old-fashioned names? How can these brands that have been popular for decades survive? The memory of the old name is eternal. Exploring these well-known Hunan's old brands is to use the other eye to peek into the development of today's enterprises.
On the afternoon of November 18th, 2014, the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce held a symposium on Hunan's old-fashioned names. These old-fashioned enterprises gathered together to discuss how to develop old brands. Dozens of old brands such as Yulou East, Arc de Triomphe, Long Brand Soy Sauce and Zhang Xinfa from Hunan participated in the seminar.
The Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce has been paying attention to the development of the old brand and has made unremitting efforts for the revitalization of the old brand. In October this year, under the guidance of the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, Tencent• took the mission of inheriting Hunan culture and launched a The field name is "Time patrol, pay tribute to a hundred years" of the old-fashioned charity event. So far, this time-honored event has attracted more than 70,000 people/times to participate. Next, Tencent• will also open a multi-platform registration channel to lead Hunan netizens to explore the unique charm of the old brand in the form of exploration, so that netizens can more fully understand the past and present life of Hunan's old brands.
Where is the next station of the old name?
"Wu Ruzhai faces the third demolition, where is the next station?", "The knife is cut, the glory is no longer, hope to reform", "the lack of talent has become the bottleneck of the old Yang Mingyuan", "Arc de Triomphe half a century "The new rivers and lakes are not convinced"... Nowadays, as long as the old name is mentioned, more and more people have lost their sight. According to the survey, most of the current old brands in our province have encountered problems such as rising rents, lost skills, and difficulties in financing. The old name of Hunan has gradually lost its survival base, except for the few old brands of Fire Palace and Yuloudong. Most of Hunan's old brands are "poor and stumbling." According to the statistics of relevant departments, in the more than 200 old brands in Changsha, the production and operation have a certain scale and the benefits are less than 10%. For decades, the status quo has been maintained at 20%, long-term losses, facing or have closed down, bankruptcy reached 70%. %.
To pay tribute to a hundred years, more independent innovation
Old name, how to go on? On November 18th, in response to the call of the state, it paved the way for a modern transformation of the old brand, and it was passed down and developed. The Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce and Hunan's old-fashioned enterprises gathered together to discuss how to develop the old brand.
At the symposium, Director Liu of Huangye Food Co., Ltd. represented Zhang Xinfa and thanked the Department of Commerce for awarding the title of Hunan. To make Zhang Xinfa's sign more valuable, Huangye Food Co., Ltd. also benefited a lot after acquiring the "Zhang Xinfa" brand. At the same time, Director Liu called for the establishment of an old-fashioned association to jointly support Hunan's old-name enterprises, support them and develop together.
As the old name of Liuyang, Jinsheng Fireworks is one of the top 100 enterprises in Hunan Province. Although Ye Jinsheng, the chairman of Jinsheng Fireworks, is 80 years old, he still insists on attending the meeting personally to express his concern for the old name. At the same time, Jinsheng Fireworks knows the truth of “difficult business and harder to keep business” and continues to achieve independent innovation. Currently, it is working with Nanjing University of Science and Technology to produce no fireworks, and has achieved good results. Ye Lao said that Jinsheng Fireworks is trying to keep the market and constantly overcome the difficulties in the production and sales process.
Ms. Zhang from Xiangtan Longpai Soy Sauce expressed her feelings. At present, the old-fashioned industry is very difficult, and the craft is difficult to inherit. Young people are reluctant to go to the old name to do “physical work”, and the road is getting worse and narrower. How to set off a family-old company has become a big problem. Ms. Zhang, who has participated in various old-fashioned trainings in the country, has seen the development history of many old brands. Looking at the development status of the old brands in and outside the province, Ms. Zhang believes that to develop the old brand, we must stick to this sign. To develop good old brands, only the old brands should pay attention to them. Do it well from yourself and pass on the spirit of the old name. And the old brands should be twisted into a rope and develop together. It is necessary to "keep it all the way, and finally reach the best."
Liu Fei, Director of the Circulation Industry Development Department of the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, further initiated discussions on the current operating conditions, difficulties encountered and further protection and inheritance of the old brands. The old name of the province gradually lost its survival foundation, many old brands. Also forced to stay away from the mainstream vision, and gradually decline.
Director Liu stressed that the old-fashioned enterprises have experienced the baptism and test of time. After the commercial department has conducted a layer-by-layer review, it is not easy to get the "old name" gold medal sign. It is necessary to cherish it. Old-fashioned enterprises must constantly improve quality and innovation, open up markets, do a good job in propaganda, cultivate talents, and carry forward the old brand. Regarding the request for propaganda of the old brand by the enterprise, the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce has been docked with Tencent•, and is carrying out a publicity campaign of “Time Inspection, Paying tribute to the Hundred Years”, and hopes that the company will actively participate. Regarding the proposal to establish an old-fashioned association, Director Liu Fei said that the association is a social organization and must be led by the enterprise and meet the relevant regulations of the association. The Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce is willing to actively support and do a good job in related services.