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Hunan Huangye Food Co., Ltd. Headquarters and production base construction project (annual processing of 20,000 tons of betel nu

Hunan Huangye Food Co., Ltd. Headquarters and production base construction project (annual processing of 20,000 tons of betel nu

The state encourages relevant units, experts and the public to participate in the environmental impact assessment of construction projects in an appropriate manner. According to the “Interim Measures for Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment”, the requirements of Circular No. [2006] No. 28 are issued, and the announcement period is ten working days from the date of publication of this announcement.
I. Project Overview
Project Name: Hunan Huangye Food Co., Ltd. Headquarters and Betel Production Base Construction Project (annual processing of 20,000 tons of betel nut);
Construction site: Xiangxiang Road, Xiangshan River, Xiangtan County, Hunan Province, adjacent to Xiangxi Road, west to be used for construction, south to Huangpi Road, north to Xiangwei Food Production Base;
Nature of construction: new construction;
Total investment: The total investment of the project is 300 million yuan, of which 9 million yuan is environmental protection investment, accounting for 3% of the total investment;
Production date: completed on October 1, 2018;
Main project content and construction scale: Hunan Huangye Food Co., Ltd. headquarters and production base covers an area of ​​97144.2 m2, with a total construction area of ​​128,345 m2; the main construction contents include manufacturing workshops, processing workshops, warehouses, dormitories, office buildings, etc.
2. Possible environmental impacts and proposed environmental protection measures
Construction period: The pollutants generated during the construction of the project will have adverse effects on the surrounding environment, especially the impact of noise and dust. Therefore, it must be highly valued by the construction unit and the construction unit. It must be civilized and strictly implemented in accordance with the construction operation specifications. The construction unit shall, in accordance with the relevant requirements mentioned in the report, take effective protective measures to minimize the impact on the surrounding area during the construction period.
Operation period: The air pollutants of the project mainly include the exhaust gas generated by the gas boiler, the odor of the production and wastewater treatment process, and the soot and exhaust gas generated by the canteen, which can meet the standard discharge after effective disposal measures. The wastewater generated during the production process mainly includes domestic sewage, washing wastewater and concentrated drainage. The wastewater is treated by the sewage treatment station of the plant to reach the third-level standard of Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard (GB8978-1996) and the takeover standard of Xiangtan County Wastewater Treatment Plant. Discharged into the Xiangtan County Wastewater Treatment Plant through the municipal pipe network. After the noise passes through the sound insulation measures and the attenuation of the distance, the noise value at the boundary of the plant can reach the corresponding standard limit. The waste nuclear and other waste slag generated in the project slice denuclearization process shall be collected and taken out for disposal. The domestic garbage shall be collected and disposed of by the environmental sanitation department, and the external environment will have little impact.
Third, the public access to EIA information, the way and time to request additional information
During the publicity period, the public can obtain the full EIA of this project from the construction unit and the EIA unit by telephone or email.
Full link: Publicity of Hunan Huangye Food Co., Ltd. Headquarters and production base construction project (annual processing of 20,000 tons of betel nut) report form.pdf
Fourth, the scope and main issues of seeking public comments
The scope of the solicitation of opinions is mainly the representatives of citizens, legal persons or other organizations affected by the construction project. The relevant public can express their views and opinions on the environmental aspects of the project.
5. The specific form and starting and ending time of the public's comments
The public may submit relevant opinions in the form of telephone or postal mail, and the public's comments will start and end within 10 working days from the date of the announcement.
Sixth, the contact information of the construction unit
Construction unit: Hunan Huangye Food Co., Ltd.
Contact: Mr. Hu Tel: 15173290508
Environmental Impact Assessment Unit: Hunan Yinghuaite Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact: Wu Gong Tel: 18613954510